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Luxury desert camp Morocco

On the bucket list among many travelers is sleeping in tent under a star-filled sky in the desert. Enjoy the absolute peace and learn for yourself what the silence of the desert is like and experience sleeping in a Berber camp. If you want to discover an alternative way to sleep and stay in the desert, certainly a bivouac is what you are looking for.

Tents are an important part of nomadic life. Carpets and cushions make them pleasant spaces that showcase the hospitality of the desert. Our VIP Camp in the heart of the desert offers visitors the possibility of sleeping in between the dunes. Enjoy the peace and silence and overall serenity of the scenery. The sky will seem as though it is within hands’ reach. There is no doubt that this memory will be difficult to forget!

To get to camp you will embark on a dromedary ride to in the desert to get the complete immersion of the area. Additionally, at the Berber camp, they will prepare a traditional Berber dinner and the next morning a traditional Berber breakfast for you.

During the evening, we will enliven the atmosphere with a traditional deluxe tent party around a bonfire with music of timbales and other local instruments. This experience together with the magic of the place will make your stay in our camp forever marked in their memories. The deluxe tent camp offers accommodations in nomadic styled tents, decorated with Berber handicrafts of traditional materials and furnished with modern mattress and lighting equipment. All tents will have a private bathroom.

Deluxe Morocco Desert Tours from Marrakesh

Morocco is a land of contrasts. There are many monuments and places to visit. Would you like to visit Morocco for a few days or weeks? Marrakech day trips proposes a variety of luxury desert tours from Marrakech with different themes and which correspond to your budget, time and interests. The agency offers trips for the eco tourist, natural and environmentally conscious, to the lush green valleys. It proposes circuits in the imperial cities such as Marrakesh, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, the Roman city of Volubilis , as well as the port and the ramparts of Essaouira.

You can also visit spots that are not mentioned in the tourist guides. For the adventure seeker, we offer trekking in the mountains with specialized guides or trips in four wheeled vehicles to the Sahara. Along the way, you will encounter hidden villages and traditional Kasbahs. If you prefer circuits in the south, we will offer you trips to Ouarzazate with tours to an oasis or Berber villages. Trips to beaches along the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Coast are also possible. Affordable options are available.