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Camel trekking

Are you looking for camel tours in Marrakech? Our tours can help you explore the vast landscape of the desert. We offer the most popular Camel Trek tours from Marrakech. You will ride in a caravan of camels , guided by a team. You will discover deep into the desert and its inhabitants.

We have the best Camel trips in Morocco. This is one experience you can't miss when in Marrakech. We offer a variety of camel trekking and desert tours from fes and from Marrakech ! Please select your camel tour or feel free to contact us and have your own itinerary created. The diversity of Morocco will make you realize the trip of your dreams. All you need to do is mail us and we will take care of the rest. Organize a genuine and personalized camel excursion to Morocco with our agency located in Marrakesh. In depth knowledge of the country, attention to your needs and high reliability are our commitments

camel trek from Marrakech

2 days Zagora camel trek

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3 days Merzouga camel trek

Merzouga desert tour

4 days Zagora & Merzouga camel tour

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3 days Marrakech to Fes camel tour

Marrakech Fes desert tour

4 days Marrakech to Fes camel tour

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Camel Trekking from Marrakech

We are a Marrakech travel agency specialized in desert activities such as camel trekking, Sahara desert trips, tours, excursions, day tours... There is a variety of ways and means to make your excursion in the desert, on foot; trekking on camel’s back, or in 4x4 and the goal is to explore the nature and to make acquaintances. Many opportunities exist to explore the zone of the Sahara in your own way, namely trekking; hiking, tours and hiking in the Moroccan desert.

Marrakech camel trek in the desert is a unique experience. Children can also take part in the camel rides. The camels proceed smoothly and majestically above the sand dunes. The sunset on the dunes of Merzouga on the backs of camels is unforgettable. On request we can also organize multi-day camel hiking.

The trek into the Saharan desert entails: A hike in the desert, roaming along the dunes in the slow rhythm of the camel caravan and Tuareg. At night, you will sleep in a traditional tent as the nomads have for ages, with the maximum comfort. At the bivouac by the fire, you will be filled with wonder by the stars! During the day, you will be able to bask in the glory of the desert. An ideal family holiday in the desert that fits your needs for authenticity and serenity! Satisfaction is totally guaranteed ...

Camel Trekking in the desert of Morocco

At the camel trek in the desert of Morocco, you will learn more about the camel. Camels are an extraordinary animal that has accompanied man since ancient times in its long caravans that have transported victuals, gold, precious stones, fine fabrics and spices through all the Arab countries. With such a guide during your camel trek, there's no chance to get lost in the barren desert especially since it can travel over 160 km per day! Step by step, the camel trek you will reach places inaccessible by car and even 4x4.

If you are interested in our Desert hiking trials take a walk in the Sahara dunes or the Chgaga Dunes, Merzouga and visit the fabulous Ziz and Daraa Valley. If you wish to visit the Imperial cities: Marrakech, Rabat Meknes and Fez, we will take you there depending on your time and interests.